A Letter to my Fellow Anxious Millennials

Dear anxious human,

You are so much stronger than your anxiety tricks you into feeling and believing.

Your mind is playing nasty, genius tricks on you!

Please remember that no matter what, the anxiety you feel inside is completely valid and real. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not. If you feel it, it’s there for a reason. 

An anxiously wired brain can spend years tricking you into believing you are weak and unsafe, even when you are in fact very safe on the outside. 

We are smart and intuitive beings with fascinating minds- we come up with some pretty genius defenses and our body responds in the best way it knows how to keep us safe at times we perceive or are in actual danger. 

This conditioning starts immediately and changes the makeup of our brains and nervous system- so even when life circumstances change, or you use some nifty cognitive therapy skills you’ve been practicing, you still can’t shake the feeling that feeling something is incredibly wrong. 

Please do not give up on the strong work you do to manage your anxiety especially when it feels like nothing is working. It doesn’t mean you aren’t trying hard enough or that you’re not “putting in the work”. Although neuroplasticity takes time, humans are extremely resilient and our brains are capable of forming new, safer connections. You may not be able to see the other side yet AND it’s there. I promise. 


Your fellow anxious human 

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